Smart physiotherapy device

A new toolkit to assist

A technological piece of equipment that monitors and reports patient's mobility and muscle firing. You can remotely perform the exercises and let your physiotherapist give you suggestion over phone about your progress, making your recovery process fast and easy.

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Pheezee, a very handy device for a Physio.

Pheezee's unique features will keep a track of your recovery. It is suitable for rehabilitation care, pediatric and sports physiotherapy. It has non-invasive muscle strength measurement, accurate range of motion detection and an exercise tracking system. Phezee is a portable, light weight and easy to use device. Unique interaction that this product provide will motivate the patients to complete their sessions efficiently.

We use deep learning techniques to gerenate inferences from the patients' data. Timely reports are sent to the patients as well as Physiotherapists to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

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